17 Feb - 19 Feb

@ Science Museum


Gallery COMMON is excited to announce that we will be participating in EASTEAST_2023 with a solo presentation from American artist Jacqueline Surdell.
EASTEAST_ will be held at the Science Museum in Kitanomaru Park, not far from the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, and will play host to approximately 25 galleries mainly based in the Tokyo area. In addition to the exhibition of art, there will also be video showcases, sound and live performances, discussion panels, viewing tours, and food and drink events, making for a lively city-wide collaboration that represents the values of Tokyo’s culture scene and arts community.
Gallery COMMON is delighted to be participating in the fair with a solo installation by Jacqueline Surdell (b. 1993). Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Surdell works with industrial rope on self-made mural sized looms to create massive woven wall sculptures, referencing through her works the history of industrial Chicago and her own background as an athlete, while also incorporating her own subjective perspectives on art history. Born from a practice centered around intense manual labor and meticulous precision, Surdell’s works bridge the divide between painting and sculpture, bringing attention to the tools, environments, and actions that contain and display performances of labor, history, and power. Surdell’s presentation this time, an installation piece that spans up to 9 meters across in width, will be a centerpiece of the fair.
Dates: February 17 (Fri) - 19 (Sun), 2023
Preview: February 16 (Thurs) and 17 (Fri) until 14:00 *By invitation only
Public opening hours:
February 17 (Fri) 14:00–19:00
February 18 (Sat) 12:00–19:00
February 19 (Sun) 12:00–17:00
Venue: Science Museum, 2-1 Kitanomaru Park, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0091, Japan
Jacqueline Surdell (b. 1993) was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A., where she currently lives and works.
Now the third largest city in the US, Chicago’s history of industry, labor, and midwest grit plays a significant role in Surdell’s work. Surdell’s Polish Grandfather worked in the steel mills in Hegewisch (a neighborhood on the south side of Chicago) while her Dutch Grandmother is a landscape painter. The dichotomy established between manual labor and conceptual labor influenced Surdell at an early age. Listening to stories of the mills — the operation of massive blast furnaces, chaotic melting pits, and subsequent injuries, was complimented with memories of frolicking in wildflower fields while her grandmother painted the colorful landscape. The combination resulted in an early-developed arts view where life and work, body and labor, industry and craft, and the high-brow traditions of plein-air landscape painting, merged. Those close familial memories influence Surdell’s complex terrain between art-making, body, sanctuary and spirit.
From childhood through college Surdell was a competitive athlete. She approaches her studio practice with a disciplined resolve forged in the intense, repetitive, realm of competitive sports. Her years as an athlete primed her interest in repetitive, laborious, craft-based practices. Building her wall sculptures demands full body action, employing her body as a weaving shuttle, and her hand as brushstroke. Moving in and out of the warp, with pounds and yards of industrial rope on self-made mural sized looms. Although her material is fiber, her approach is painterly, manipulating her medium with knotted layers, reducing the material to open the structure, draping to create volume and texture.
Surdell approaches her studio practice with the meticulous precision of craft and the unbridled spontaneity of contemporary painting. She reimagines the woven canvas as a space of undulation and growth. As the expanded histories of painting materialize in her work as content, simultaneously, swollen tendrils and textures of bound rope deny illusions of the classically painted picture plane. The works actively work to bridge the division between painting and sculpture. In this way, her work calls into association other binary categorizations such as rigid and collapsed, construction techniques coded as masculine or feminine, and ontological spaces between body and sculpture. Her energetic and materially grounded practice brings to attention the tools, environments, and actions that contain and display performances of labor, history, and power.
Jacqueline Surdell received her MFA in Fiber and Material Studies from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2017; in 2015 she received her BFA from Occidental College, Los Angeles, California. Her most recent project was Score!, a solo exhibition at Devening Projects, Chicago, IL. Other recent solo and small group exhibitions took place at Library Street Collective, Detroit, MI, Patricia Sweetow Gallery, San Francisco; Kunsthal KadE, Amersfoort, Netherlands; UW Parkside, Kenosha, WI; Antenna.Works, New Orleans, LA; South Bend Museum of Art, South Bend, IN; Apparatus Projects, Heaven Gallery, Western Exhibitions and the Chicago Artists Coalition, Chicago.

この度Gallery COMMONは、新時代のアートフェア「EASTEAST_」にて出展致します。本イベントでは、東京拠点を中心とした約25のギャラリーに焦点を当て、アート展示・販売のみならず、サウンド、ライブパフォーマンス、フ ード&ドリンク等をラインナップし、東京のカルチャーシーンやアーティストたちのコミュニティの価値観を体験できる包括的なプレゼンテーションを実施いたします。
Gallery COMMONでは、1993年アメリカのシカゴ(イリノイ州)生まれ、現在もシカゴを拠点に活動している、Jacqueline Surdell(ジャクリーン・サーデル)を迎えます。自作している壁画サイズの織機を用いて、縦糸の隙間を何キロも何ヤードもある工業用の縄を編み込み、また抜いていきます。彼女の壁面彫刻の制作では全身を使った動作を必要とするため、自分の身体を織物の杼に、そして手を筆のようにして制作をおこなっています。今回は、フェアの主役の一つとなる横幅9メートルの大作を発表する予定です。
会期:2023年2月17日(金) ‒ 19日(日)
プレビュー:2月16日(木)、17日(金) 14:00まで ※招待者と報道関係者のみ
2月17日(金) 14:00–19:00
2月18日(土) 12:00–19:00
2月19日(日) 12:00–17:00
会場:科学技術館 〒102-0091 東京都千代田区北の丸公園2番1号
ジャクリーン・サーデルは、2015年にカリフォルニア州ロサンゼルスのオクシデンタル大学でBFAを取得し、その後、2017年にシカゴ美術館付属学校で繊維材料研究のMFAを取得。近年のプロジェクトにはDevening Projects(イリノイ州シカゴ)での個展「Score!」がある。その他の個展やグループ展には、Library Street Collective(ミシガン州デトロイト)、Patricia Sweetow Gallery(サンフランシスコ)、Kunsthal KadE(アメルスフォールト、オランダ)、UW Parkside(ウィスコンシン州ケノーシャ)、Antenna.Works(ルイジアナ州ニューオーリンズ)、South Bend Museum of Art(インディアナ州サウスベンド)、Apparatus Projects、Heaven Gallery、Western Exhibitions and the Chicago Artists Coalition(シカゴ)などがある。